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Only one section of Hello Neighbor really forces you to deal with the game’s supposedly-brilliant AI, and it’s a complete ordeal. The end of Act 1 plunges you into a series of narrow, mostly-linear underground corridors that the neighbor AI clearly wasn’t designed for. If he decides to stake out a choke point you need to get through, you’re pretty much screwed. You just have to hope he has a brain fart and decides to stare at a wall while you stroll right past him, which is how I finally got to Act 2.

This method would become the default for future versions. In its current appearance, the basement door is a brown wooden door, which is keycard-controlled, nailed with two boards, and as of the first Beta, propped shut with a chair. Hello Neighbor functions in some ways Like other stealth horror games, but is also fairly hands off after its brief tutorial. You know you eventually want to break into this dude’s basement, and there are a few clues as to how you might do it, but the process is largely up to you. Here are a few tips for getting started with Hello Neighbor on the Nintendo Switch.

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Once a light in the fireplace glows blue, you can get the key. In the Beatrix intro cutscene, she hops into her van and drives past a gas station to the park. She tosses her gum in a trash can and gets out of her van. A crow catches Beatrix’s attention, and she scares it off. After noticing a fallen “Closed” sign to the side of the door, she enters the park gate.

Maybe you’ll huck a box as gently as possible into a wall or the ground only to have it phase through solid matter thanks to the game’s serious clipping issues. Or maybe it’ll bounce so hard it flies 30 feet in the air. Or maybe it’ll hit you so hard that your character does the flying! The physics are so world-class wonky, on top of the imprecise item control, it’s hard to know what to expect. There isn’t much obvious rhyme or reason to the game’s puzzles, which turn a 10-minute level into an hour-long affair.

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Hatch and take care of Gudetama to determine which version of Gudetama you get! Give Gudetama attention, feed it soy sauce or a tomato and play games so Gudetama doesn’t turn into an egg dish! But if that happens, no worries, just start again to see which Gudetama version you raise next! The shell is white with different Gudetama looks. The only logical thing to do is to break into his house and figure out what he’s hiding. You move into a brand new suburb and notice your slightly odd neighbor is hiding something in his basement.

  • You’ll need to cooperate with others in order to build awesome machines from scrap, and at the same time you will have to avoid the Neighbor.
  • While it is important that you escape, you will learn more about your neighbor’s past whenever he catches you escaping.
  • Hello Guest was later revealed to be the pre-alpha of Hello Neighbor 2 and on July 23, 2020 it was announced as the sequel to the original Hello Neighbor game.
  • Get ready for another annoying sideways jump to reach that platform.
  • We plan to place AI-driven android Hello Neighbor app download characters, other than the Neighbor, to play around with.