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Kairosoft has a penchant for making games that keep players coming back, and Dream House Days continues that trend. I remember a time when every new Kairosoft game that launched on iOS was met with big fanfare. It’s been a long time since the likes of Game Dev Story ($4.99), however, and releases seem to almost sneak out onto the App Store without too much attention paid. Whether that’s due to over saturation or the games’ recent foray into non-western themes, the fact remains that most of the games are still pretty fun, if a little off-beat.

If you complete the missions with the stars you will get lots of coins and goodies that you can exchange on something as the game goes. To sum it up, the Castaway Home Designer game has everything you might want from a decorating game – it has beautiful graphics and a large variety of tools to choose from. If it sounds interesting to you – download this app now and enjoy your time. Castaway Home Designer is a home decorating game that enables you to become the mayor of a tropical island and the designer of all the citizens at the same time. To sum it up, this is a nice home decorating game if you like the match 3 games.

Weekday Escape

When you have completely furnished an apartment, you can rent it out via the estate agent. You begin the game with access to only a few kinds of furnishings. New furnishings become available for research as your tenants use furniture , unusable furniture is around for long enough, try new jobs or as you win them from scratch cards.

  • Like any other life simulation game, you will be in charge of maintaining your family’s life, wealth, and careers through the use of your computer or iPad.
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  • So much so that the players will not have to do anything more than look at how it develops the confrontation.
  • Dream House Days for Android is another simulation game from Kairosoft.
  • Of course, Shea has evolved as a designer over the years, allowing her to appreciate the finer points of her trade.
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  • You begin with access to 4 schools but unlock access to 3 more as time goes on.

The organic shape of the house blends naturally into the Glaskogen nature-reserve setting, and is designed to have a minimal visual impact, with the windows hidden within the skin of the structure. In 1963, Sigurðardóttir told the family of six “I am going to make you a nest”, and in incorporating three mounds to protect the low house from the harsh Icelandic elements, she kept her promise. The house is made of exposed concrete using Brutalist techniques, as is much of the furniture – such as the sofa and the bathtub – creating a connection between inside and out.

Dream House Days Mod Apk 2 2.3 (unlimited Money

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We’ll all have to wait and see to determine whether or not the homes build on the show are really able to stand the team of time. Apparently, it’s more than possible to build a house in 100 days, and a decent one at that. Additionally, the series has never once failed to meet its deadline.