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If StarCraft has been installed in a directory outside your hard drive, you will experience issues, such as the game hanging or crashing. So make sure that when you run the .exe file for the game, you don’t do so from an external drive. If that’s the case, uninstall the game and send the .exe file to your computer. Then reinstall StarCraft so that the installation directory is located on your internal hard drive. Afterward, restart your computer and see if the issue you are facing has been successfully resolved.

  • To do so, access the System Protection tab and click the System Restore button.
  • Execute control /name Microsoft.Fonts from the Command Prompt to access Fonts directly.
  • Double-click the Control Panel icon to open Control Panel, which gives access to the configuration and system management tools.
  • To make the search easy, press the Ctrl+F shortcut key.

The built-in Registry Editor allows users to create a backup of a specific key or value so that users can easily revert changes made to the Registry. After selecting a Registry key or value, one can click the File menu and then click the Export button to backup the selected key or value. The backup file of Registry is saved with .REG extension, and you can double-click on the .REG file to restore the information back into the Registry. Next, find the part of the Registry you’re going to change. Right-click on the Registry key you plan on changing, and click „Export.” The Registry Editor will prompt you to save a .reg file to your hard drive. Editing your registry is not likely to improve system speed or PC performance.

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In addition to using the third-party program to create a system backup and restore Windows 10 from system image, some of you probably choose to use Windows 10 built-in tool called Backup and Restore . If you are signed in as a standard user account, then you will also get a Cannot import type error. The part of the downloaded .reg file that is responsible for all users can only be successfully merged by an administrator account. The downloaded .reg file will still restore the default associations for your account. This option will reset the associations, icon, and registry entries of the downloaded file type or protocol back to default.

Each build of Windows 10 is supported for 18 months after its original release. In 2021, however, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be succeeded on compatible hardware by Windows 11–and that Windows 10 support will end on October 14, 2025. A device may not be able to receive updates if the device hardware is incompatible, lacks current drivers or otherwise outside of the OEM period. Not all features in an update will work on the devices. A device also needs to have the latest update to remain supported. Google Chrome worked perfectly for me after installing Windows 10 back on August 3.

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After navigating to the registry path above, you’ll see a window similar to the example below. In this example, you can see four different string value keys, which are pointing to the programs that run each time the computer is turned on or restarted. This answer doesn’t actually help anyone who isn’t allowed to install third party software on the current computer .

We’ve provided a comprehensive list that will help you eliminate various issues you might face while playing StarCraft II. We’ve also outlined detailed steps that will help you perform these fixes easily. So work your way through the list till you have completely resolved those annoying issues that keep bugging you when you try to play StarCraft 2 on your Windows PC. Let us quickly dive into how to fix the StarCraft 2 crashing issue. Before we begin, make sure you have an active internet connection. Gone are the days when you use to struggle to speed up your Windows XP or previous Windows versions. With all-new features of Windows recent versions, things have become more easy and interesting for users.