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Purchase data or call credit for other users and send it as a gift. Telkomsel is an important telecommunications carrier from Indonesia and through its official app called MyTelkomsel its users can control the different services contracted with the company. Different SIM cards have different data packages to offer as well. Knowing your SIM card type will make you aware of what kind of data package that suits your needs. At this moment, Traveloka provide all of the prepaid operator’s Telkomsel data packages .

Tourists can easily spot a kiosk by noticing a signboard. Usually located in front of the shop, with a list of data packages in GB and their respective prices. Getting an Indonesian SIM card here will require tourists to register.

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No need to be confused with our detailed packages, quota, voice quota, SMS quota, and a monetary bonus. With the new UI, you can check all of the details with such an ease. Finally, BEWARE. It will let you buy the same package TWICE, which means you just have double the quota. This Download MyTelkomsel APK for Android happened to me when I failed to receive a message the purchase went through but I tried again and BOTH packages were concurrently added to my account, e.g. with the SAME end date. MyTelkomsel comes loaded with tonnes of utilitarian as well as entertaining features. Moreover, the updated version of the app brandishes a new user interface and performance improvements to give its users a far better experience than ever before.

The app could be much easier to use if it were more English friendly. Emergency Credit transactions will not alter status of the activation period, nor the grace period. A recipient whose card has currently reached its grace period and is expecting a transfer will need to manually top up their number first, in order to be able to use the incoming transferred credit. When the credit is being transferred, the SIM card status of both sender and recipient must be active or within their respective grace periods. Emergency Credit is a service that can be used for unforeseen conditions, where a Telkomsel user asks for credit from another Telkomsel user.

Mytelkomsel Description

With the fresh-looking bottom menu, now you can easily switch between pages, get offers, shop, send gifts, explore, and access your complete account profile. The error means users are unable to access their account and login My Telkomsel successfully. Users want to know the exact reason behind unsuccessful login into My Telkomsel application. MyTelkomsel is a one stop application that provide new user experience and easiness for Telkomsel services.

  • Its market segment share in Indonesia is currently close to 50%.
  • As we know, the points program is similar to a loyalty program, the purpose is to get higher retention usage of the customer.
  • The solution is to update the application to fix some of the errors and bugs.
  • This is the only apps for telkomsel SIM card, no other option, no other apps to compare.
  • Promo lovers can still enjoy offers such as discount vouchers from POIN redemption, lucky draw coupons, and many more.