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The dust blower is a welcomed addition and a characteristic that majority of circular saws do not feature. There are many circular saws you can buy these days, so it’s easy to get confused, especially if you don’t know what features to look for.

  • The more significant the variation, the more opportunities you can use the product and the more fruitful results you can expect from the tool.
  • You need to manually open the magazines head and remove the blocked nail.
  • Instead of “just barely squeezing the trigger”, get the tool into position, push it FIRMLY against the workpiece, and then quickly and firmly squeeze the trigger.

Dust collection, through the saw’s 35mm dust port, was tidy. Mafell, like Festool, is made in Germany, and it quickly became clear during testing that its engineers have left no stones unturned when designing a premium plunge-cut saw. The MT 55 cc has a powerful and smooth-running 10-amp motor with soft start, torque control and variable speed.

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But it looks backward, so someone could easily, well, hold it backwards. The wide, flat trigger is a MIM part that wears a finish approximating traditional case coloring. The single-­action pull was clean and required less than 4 pounds to release the hammer. Photo by Michael AnschuetzThe current-­production Model 610 (technically the Model 610-­3) is a hybrid of previous models. It is available with either a 4 or 6½-­inch barrel, a full underlug and fluted cylinder.

Makita Sp6000 Track Saw Review

In a week that saw Dodgers relief pitchers throw more innings than the starters, Urías was much-needed life raft. They corrected course over the weekend, exploding for the most runs in a game in Dodger Stadium history, tying the franchise record for home runs in a game in the process. It was a week of attrition for the Dodgers, who saw a string of seven straight days with a roster move expire on Sunday.

I did need to wait around for a manager, but he said as long as I was happy, he was happy. I asked what would happen with other Kobalt tools that were no longer stocked. He said it was sort of a case by case basis, but a lot of the discretion was left up to the managers. Let’s say you have a Craftsman hand tool that you’re either not satisfied with, or has a manufacturing defect. In the past, a trip to Sears would have resulted in a replacement or even a refund. For a replacement, you didn’t even need to bring your receipt, they replaced it on the spot with an identical or equivalent tool.

I guess that is one of the things that fascinates me most about this forum. I’ve read time & time again about how folks cant get a tool they just purchased to do this or that, or they have a tool they are trying to get to do something it wasn’t even designed to do. Ya respect & take care of what you have, even if ain’t much, & DON”T use the tool for anything more than what was designed to do. My apologies for the ramble, but my point is basically the same as MrRons. Take the time to understand your equipment, and figure it out, & then other issues will be easier to understand. Again, my apologies for rufflin’ any feathers, or buttin’ in, just a few more cents worth.